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On-Demand Interpretation Service

Without extra steps!

Most advanced on-demand interpretation app. Period.

Call Instantly

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All you need is your phone and internet connection to get on-demand interpretation service on the go.

60+ Languages

Connect Within A Minute

Our mobile app, ODIS, will allow users to connect to an interpreter in less than a minute.

500+ Qualified Interpreters

Professional Team

We only accept the most reliable and fluent language services providers in our pool of professionals, so that you have complete peace of mind.

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

What security measures have been taken to ensure the privacy of the call?

All calls that go through the ODIS app are end-to-end encrypted, meaning third parties do not have access to your call. We only work with professional interpreters who sign a confidentiality agreement that protects the privacy of our clients and explains in detail the legal measures that will be taken against anyone who shares any client information.

How do I schedule a call with an interpreter?

To schedule a call with an exact date, select your source and target languages, appointment topic, appointment details (nature of the interpretation), payment method, start date/time, and end date/time. Your upcoming appointment can be accessed through the dashboard, and a confirmation email will be sent confirming your provided email address.

Can ODIS be used for legal trials?

Yes, ODIS can be used for legal trials.

What type of personal information will the interpreter know about me?

The interpreter will only have access to your first and last name.

What is ODIS?

What we’ve developed is a way to change the game by removing the third-party intervention and replacing it with a much faster and more secure app.

Our mobile app, ODIS, will allow users to connect to an interpreter in less than a minute. By removing the third party operator, we’ve essentially moved the on-demand interpretation industry from the switchboard operator culture of the 1950s to the click-of-a-button technology of 2020.

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How does ODIS Works?

Cuz Translation’s stellar team of interpreters are now live on ODIS, our new on-demand interpretation platform, to meet your interpretation needs 24/7


Through the implementation of technology, we've reduced overhead costs, meaning that quality is no longer contingent on prices. We keep our prices low while providing high quality service.

First 60 minutes
1.00 CAD/Min
After 60 minutes
0.85 CAD/Min

🎁 Pay 15% less after 60 minutes!

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