💬 Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if no one answers the on-demand call?

To ensure this doesn’t happen, we require at least 5 interpreters in 25 languages to stay online on the app at any given time. Once you make a call, you will be directed to the first available interpreter who will have 20 seconds to answer before the call is transferred to another interpreter. If you have any other difficulties while placing your call, contact us at [email protected]

What security measures have been taken to ensure the privacy of the call?

All calls that go through the ODIS app are end-to-end encrypted, meaning third parties do not have access to your call. We only work with professional interpreters who sign a confidentiality agreement that protects the privacy of our clients and explains in detail the legal measures that will be taken against anyone who shares any client information.

How do I schedule a call with an interpreter?

To schedule a call with an exact date, select your source and target languages, appointment topic, appointment details (nature of the interpretation), payment method, start date/time, and end date/time. Your upcoming appointment can be accessed through the dashboard, and a confirmation email will be sent confirming your provided email address.

What happens if the interpreter doesn’t answer the scheduled call?

If you scheduled a call and cannot reach the interpreter, you can reach another interpreter via the on-demand option. In the rare case that your call is left unanswered, we will offer you a 20% discount for a future project. The interpreter who caused this inconvenience during a scheduled call will also be penalized.

What will happen if I have bad reception and the call drops?

In case there is bad reception during a video call, our system will automatically switch to an audio call. If the call drops, you can exit the app at any time and continue where you left off once you log back on.

Will my number show up on the interpreter’s phone?

No, your number will not show up on the interpreter’s phone. The call takes place between two account holders (interpreter and client), so your phone number is not required to make the call. The only information available to the interpreter is your name and last name.

Can ODIS be used for legal trials?

Yes, ODIS can be used for legal trials.

What type of personal information will the interpreter know about me?

The interpreter will only have access to your first and last name.

How do I connect with a live interpreter?

To instantly connect to an interpreter, enter your source and target languages (the language you’re speaking in, and the language you want the interpreter to translate into), appointment topic, type of appointment (medical, legal, etc.), and payment method.In order to ensure uninterrupted service, ODIS doesn’t give you the opportunity to select an interpreter. Instead, you will be presented with the most qualified online interpreter for your needs.

Can I take the interpreter’s number and work with him/her without using the app?

As per the conditions of the agreement signed by interpreters, working with clients outside of the app is strictly forbidden and will have legal consequences. Furthermore, both the interpreter and the client will be banned from using the app.

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